Leading partner: The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations for Autism of Slovenia

Coordination of the project enables all the project activities to run according to the project plan and expected results. All the project partners are continually involved in the monitoring and the evaluation of the quality of the activities and the results. The leading project partner, which is also the coordinator of the project activities, is responsible for supervising the project to implement the activities according to the project plan and the aims of the project, stated in the application; to ensure the quality of the activities and the results; to monitor the effects of the project and possible modifications and to prepare the necessary solutions, needed in case of possible risks.

In the application form a project timeline is presented, including all the project activities and the results within the course of the project, which serves as a tool for monitoring the implementation of the project, regarding the time frame and thus contributes to  the quality of the project, considering the content and time frame. 

In the initial phase of the project a plan of managing activities, partner tasks, communication, funds, and a timeline was created that serves as a tool of continuous monitoring of the activities, results and funds. The project manager will enable constant communication between the leading partner and the participating partners, regarding the activities, timeline and funds and therefore enable cooperation on a strategic and operative level. 

In the contract between the head of the program and the leading project partner all the eligible costs of the project will be stated. To continually monitor the use of the funds the leading project partner keeps all the financial documentation and prepares the overview of the current use of the funds and so enhances the project quality from the financial point of view. 

The partner agreement contract will also serve as a tool for monitoring and evaluating the quality of the project activities and the results.

All the project partners are included in this work package. 


  1. Strategic coordination and management of the project

            Result: Management plan

  1. Technical coordination

            Result: Reports of the meetings and the project progress

  1. Financial coordination and reporting 

            Result: Financial reports and claims for the prepayment and reimbursement

                        Final content and financial report    

  1. Managing risks and quality

            Result: Report on managing and quality control

  1. Archiving and finishing the project 

            Result: Report on project conclusion


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