Responsible partner: The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations for Autism of Slovenia 

The aim of the work package is to inform the target groups about the progress and results of the project and to inform the public about information regarding the co-financing of the project. We will determine target groups, create a key message for certain target groups, prepare informational and promotional content in digital and printed form, and actively distribute information.

Informing takes place via the website of the project and the websites of the project partners, as well as in the context of events that the project partners participate in or organize. In accordance with the instructions from the tender documentation, the information and notification messages will be equipped with appropriate graphic and content data and will follow the unified integrated graphic design of the project. The purpose of communication is to familiarize target groups, stakeholders and the general public with the project, project objectives, project activities and project results and effects. At the same time, the purpose is to raise awareness and inform about the possibilities of active action and motivating stakeholders, the goals of financial mechanisms and bilateral cooperation with entities from Norway, and about the implementation, achievements, and impact of financial mechanism support for the project. The work package is carried out in cooperation with individual partners, and the lead partner The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations for Autism of Slovenia is in charge of setting up the project’s website, organizing the opening event (kick-off meeting), closing conference and preparation of promotional material.

All project partners participate in this work package.


  1.   Online communication

Result: Website, Facebook social network

  1.   Public events

Result: 1. Kick-off meeting; 2. Presentation at the conference with international participation »It’s about people«; 3. Closing conference

  1.   Publication(s)

Result: Professional article, Project Bulletin


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