Responsible partner: Šentprima – Institute for Rehabilitation and Education

In the previous work packages, our goals are aimed at the upbringing and education of people with autism across the whole educational system. But since the meaning and aim of the upbringing and education of young people is to live an independent life and to be employed, we believe that it is essential to also address employers and include them in our project. An important element in increasing the participation of people with autism in the labour market is integration of various systems in a certain local community. We believe that we must have a good connection between the school system and the labour market. The school system represents only one phase of preparing people with autism for independent life and must necessarily be connected to the labour market. This way we can ensure that the transition to the labour market after finishing school can be successful.

The main goal of education is training for a suitable profession and, as a result, employment.  Without the integration of different sectors (educational, employment, economic, NGO) this transition to the labour market for people with autism is often unsuccessful. As a result, within the framework of the work group, we will determine the needs of employers (attitudes towards the employment of people with autism, knowledge about the employment of people with autism, readiness to employ person with autism) with the aim of facilitating the social integration of people with autism into the community and equal enforcement of their rights as EU citizens (the right to work).

Only by addressing and having a good prior knowledge of the needs of employers when hiring people with autism can we successfully pursue the aim set above.

The aim of this work group is to develop a model of effective support for employers in the employment of people with autism. The aim using the new model is to employ a greater number of people with autism.

Project partners participate in this work package: The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations for Autism of Slovenia, MIK d.o.o.


  1.   Overview of the current situation in the field of employment of people with autism.

Result: a status report

  1.  Creation of a semi-structured questionnaire to obtain comprehensive information

Result: A semi-structured questionnaire was developed

  1.   Conducting interviews

Result:  Collected data

  1.   Evaluation of obtained data on employers needs in report

Result: Collected data

  1.   Awareness, dissemination

Result: An informed professional and lay public

Familiarization of representatives of ministries and the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Employment with needs and attitudes employers and public discussion

  1.   Preparation of a model of assistance and support to employers

Result: A model of support for employers in hiring people with autism


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