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We are a private organization that provides support to children, adolescents and adults with autism and their families in Norway. We also provide counselling for employees in education and training as well as for employers.

At SPISS, we are aware that all people have the same value, and we are aware that all people, regardless of diagnosis, functioning and age, are entitled to respect, recognition and, last but not least, control over their own lives. That is why we will try to give individuals the best possible self-control. In our work, those we work for and with are the ones who set the standards and decide in which direction we will go.

We believe that trust is important as a basis for providing good help, so we believe that focusing on building good relationships is key. We believe that it is in dialogue that relationships are created between us and those we want to help. To succeed in building relationships and creating trust, we need to be humble enough to understand that we don’t understand everything and clear enough to show who we are as people.  At SPISS, we make sure that we have have an updated knowledge knowledge of methods, approaches, and tools, and that we first practically carry out all the measures that we later require from others. This means that after planning the work, we usually get involved in practical testing, introduction and start-up of the measures. We also believe that WE should be the ones to be available when those we help are ready, not the other way around! Our work is therefore guided by the principles of professionalism, practicality and accessibility!

Our role in the VIS A VIS project

DS2 Izmenjava dobrih praks in izkušenj s partnerji: v okviru usposabljanja za multiplikatorja za širjenje modela in praks v formalno in neformalno izobraževanje na področju avtizma bomo strokovni sodelavci SPISS pripravili in izvedli študijski obisk za predstavnike nekaterih slovenskih projektnih partnerjev na Norveškem. Po zaključenem študijskem obisku bomo na daljavo izvajali vzajemno učenje za predstavnike slovenskih projektnih partnerjev za multiplikatorje. 

Throughout the duration of the project, we will participate in monitoring and evaluating the quality of the implementation of project activities and their results. With the participation of individual partners in the consortium, project cooperation will ensure that all results and achievements of the project will be completed on time, within the expected scope and with satisfying quality.

As part of training for a multiplier for spreading the model and practices in formal and informal education in the field of autism, SPISS experts will prepare and host a study visit for the representatives of some Slovenian project partners in Norway. After the study visit, we will provide online learning for the representatives of Slovenian project partners for multipliers.

We will participate with other project partners in the development of a model of support and assistance in the field of autism for employees in education. We will participate in the training of professionals in education. We will make a study visit to Slovenia, where we will provide three thematic meetings with our Slovenian partners and provide a lecture for the professional public, which will take place as part of the training of employees in education at the Alma Mater faculty.

We will participate with other partners in media events, inform about project activities via our website and take care of the dissemination of project results.

Contact person: Torill Fjæran-Granum 


Telephone number: +4791304375


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