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Skaza IP is a social enterprise focused on the development, production, and sale of innovative products made from recycled and organic materials.

The company works with leading European and global manufacturers and traders, especially in the fields of furniture and electricity. Skaza IP focuses on care for its employees in organizational, educational, and motivational terms. It provides ongoing training for its employees and organizes numerous social events (picnics, New Year’s Eve parties, and sports events).

An individual’s career development is carefully monitored. Competency models and competency job profiles are defined, as well as those job profiles (within the framework of Profile XT psychometric testing) that are used as a basis in the selection of new employees, in the reassignment to other jobs, and in promotion. Questionnaires are also used to measure employee satisfaction. Employees are provided with a diverse range of internal and external training that enables both personal growth and career development. In the past, employees of the company were involved in training in the following areas: personal growth, communication and feedback, job satisfaction, professional education, etc. In 2020, based on a general analysis of SKAZA IP, a personnel strategy was developed that considers the challenges of employees, as there are quite a few individuals in the company with disabilities. Over the last two years, the following measures have been actively pursued:

introduction of more systematic lifelong learning and transfer of knowledge, values, skills and experience, as well as career planning;

  • carrying out education and training of older employees (with emphasis on communication and activities relating to psychological matters);
  • raising operational and functional professional competences;
  • setting up annual performance reviews for all employees;
  • strengthening and protecting health.

Our role in the VIS A VIS project

Throughout the duration of the project, we will participate in monitoring and evaluating the quality of project activities and their results.  With the participation of individual partners in the consortium, project cooperation will ensure that all project results and achievements are met in a timely manner, to the extent envisaged, and are of a satisfactory quality.

We will work with other project partners to develop a model of support and assistance for staff at the Employment Service and for employers. Our staff will attend training that is to be run in preparation for the employment of a person with autism. We will participate in the organization and implementation of the study visit of our Norwegian partner, SPISS, in Slovenia, where there will be a general meeting, and the partner will give a lecture. 

We will participate in designing a questionnaire for obtaining comprehensive information on the needs of employers, their attitudes toward employing people with autism, and their knowledge about the employment of people with autism, as well as insights into the Slovenian working environment and readiness for employment of people with autism.  We will participate in the preparation of a teaching model for a supportive environment for employers in the employment of people with autism.

We are the custodians of this work package. we will work with other partners to select a person with autism for employment, and to select a suitable job for that person. Among our employees, we will select an appropriate mentor who will be involved in the education process to deal with the specific issues of autism in the workplace. We will adjust the workplace according to the sensory needs of the person with autism, who will be hired for a six-month pilot period. The person with autism will have a mentor to ensure that the support service plan is properly implemented. Together with the members of the professional project group, we will carry out an evaluation of the entire employment support model.

We will participate with other partners in media events, provide information through our website about project activities, and deal with the dissemination of the project’s results. 

Contact person: Tina Grošelj


Telephone number: +386 (0)30 712 760


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