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MIK d.o.o. is the leading Slovenian manufacturer and installer of PVC, wooden, wood/ALU and ALU window systems, integrated solutions for the modernization of buildings and the installation of glazing systems in new buildings, ALU and ventilated facade systems, as well as a developer and manufacturer of MIKrovent local ventilation systems.

The central topic of MIK’s socially responsible behaviour is educating the public on the traps of modern living and informing them of the ways in which we can improve the quality of living and live healthy lives. Company’s biggest concern is helping socially less advantaged people, supporting club sports in Slovenia, and dealing with fine arts. MIK has enabled in campaign »MIK’s caravan of children’s laughter« in 17 years seven-day holidays for more than 2000 children in Slovenia. 

Company MIK is with its dynamic work focused on constant development and investing in experienced and professional personnel. In MIK are being highly appreciated knowledge, collegiality, motivation, and also teamwork and personal potential are being promoted. Company also hire people with disabilities and  takes care of employee’s health (every day fresh fruit).

At company MIK, they take care of employee satisfaction in many ways, from creating a positive climate in the company, to educational programs, workshops, team building, social events in the workplace and sport activities. Soon, a new position of employee happiness administrator or Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) will come into life at MIK, who will listen to the needs of employees, conduct conversations with employees, promote the growth and development of the company, raise the value of employees, and strengthen MIK’s spirit.

Our role in the VIS A VIS project

During the project we will participate in monitoring and evaluating the quality of the project activities and their results. With the participation of individual partners in the consortium, project cooperation will ensure that all project results and achievements are met in a timely manner, to the extent envisaged, and are of a satisfactory quality.

We will participate with other project partners in the development of model of support for staff at Employment Service of Slovenia and for employers. Some of our employees will attend educational trainings as a preparation for employment of a person with autism. We will also participate in organisation and implementation of study visit of our Norwegian partner SPISS in Slovenia, where there will be a general meeting, and the partner will give a lecture.

We will participate in the preparation of a teaching model for a supportive environment for employers which are open to employ people with an autism.

We are the WP5 leader. We will participate with other partners in the selection of a person with an autism for employment and the selection of a suitable workplace for this person. We will choose a suitable mentor among all our employees who will be involved in the education process for dealing with the specifics of autism in the workplace. We will adjust the workplace according to the sensory and other needs of a person with autism, who will be employed for six months as a part of a pilot employment.

The person with autism will have a mentor to ensure that the support services plan is being implemented properly. Together with the members of the working group, we will carry out an evaluation of the entire employment support model. We will also actively participate in the employment evaluation.

We will participate with other partners in media events, provide information through our website about project activities, and deal with the dissemination of the project’s results.

Contact person: Aleksandra Rančan


Telephone number: 031 602 241


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