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Šentprima’s mission is to increase the inclusion of vulnerable groups and promote the creation of an inclusive and diverse work environment with a holistic approach and respect for equal opportunities. We provide employment and vocational rehabilitation services, supported employment, the transition of young people with special needs to the labour market, and psychosocial counselling. We inform, raise awareness and educate employers, professional workers and the wider society about the importance of mental health, equality and inclusion and the acceptance and respect of diversity. Together with related organizations at home and abroad, through joint projects, professional publications and research, we take care of continuous development and improvements.

Our role in the VIS A VIS project

In the VIS A VIS project, we participate in the following activities:

Throughout the duration of the project, we will participate in monitoring and evaluating the quality of the implementation of project activities and their results. With the participation of individual partners in the consortium, project cooperation will ensure that all results and achievements of the project will be completed on time, within the expected scope and with satisfactory quality.

We will participate in the preparation of online questionnaires to obtain information on the state of needs of employees in education and training at national level for additional skills for successfully teaching people with autism. We will participate in the exchange of good practices and experiences with a partner from Norway: we will make a study visit to Norway with other partners. We will train our employees for multipliers – there will be mutual distance learning. We will be trained by employees of the Norwegian partner SPISS.

We will participate in the development of a model of support and assistance in the field of autism for employees in education. We will participate in the training of professionals and employers and develop a manual in cooperation with other project partners. We will also participate in the evaluation of the conducted training and in the preparation of the report. We will participate in the organization and implementation of the study visit of our Norwegian partner SPISS in Slovenia, which will include thematic meetings and a lecture by the Norwegian partner.

We are the leading partner of this work package, in which we will first carry out a review of the situation in the field of employment of people with autism in Slovenia, then prepare a questionnaire and conduct interviews with employers and carry out research on support needs and help in the field of autism for employers in Slovenia. We will analyze and evaluate the results and, in association with other partners, raise awareness and disseminate the findings of the research and develop a model of support and assistance to employers and employed people with autism for their successful employment.

We will select a person with autism for employment and prepare an employer. We will participate in the process of hiring a person with autism and monitor and evaluate the entire process.

We will participate with other partners in media events, inform about project activities via our website and take care of the dissemination of project results.

Contact person: MSc. Jana Ponikvar


Telephone number: 01 530 07 14


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