We do not have the official data on the prevalence of autism in Slovenia. When planning and organizing activities for people with autism, their families, professional workers, and employers, we have so far relied on research done abroad. We also use them in communication with ministries, decision-makers, financiers, and other important stakeholders in the field of autism treatment in Slovenia and abroad. The goal is to carry out research that will give us an insight into the prevalence of autism according to the age, gender, and region of permanent residence of a person with autism.

The research is carried out by The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations for Autism of Slovenia. The conclusions of the research will be our starting point in the development of a model of support for employees in education and training, which we will plan and implement accordingly; in the development of activities in the field of education of people with autism in all age groups, training and employment of people with autism, improvement of awareness among decision-makers, financiers, professionals in education and training, and employers, improvement of awareness in society, informing professional services in key ministries about the needs of people with autism, establishment of more efficient cooperation of ministries in planning support for people with autism in Slovenia and implementation of inclusive approaches in education and employment of people with autism. The developed application for the collection of data on the prevalence of autism (and the registry) represents a useful application model for conducting similar research on the prevalence of autism elsewhere in the EU and will remain permanently helpful for the collection and updating of this data.

Once the research is done, we will publish the results of this research on this site.


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