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Our school is specialised in the education of children and adolescents with special needs. It runs two education programmes: an adapted programme with a lower educational standard and a special education programme. Our education staff provide additional expert assistance to primary and nursery schools in the Goriška region. An adapted preschool programme also operates under our organization. The mission of the Kozara Nova Gorica Primary School is the education of children and adolescents with special needs, focusing on the encouragement and development of their strengths. We give support, advice, and hands-on help to parents and other education staff.

Our role in the VIS A VIS project

We will monitor and assess the execution of the project activities and their results throughout the duration of the project. Close cooperation of individual consortium partners will ensure that all project results and achievements are completed on time, in the planned scope, and are of sufficient quality.

This work package is run primarily by us and will include the preparation of online questionnaires aimed at gathering nation-wide data on the education employees’ needs for additional knowledge on effective teaching of people with autism. The questionnaires will allow us to gather information from all levels of the education system (nursery schools, primary schools, music schools, secondary schools, and faculties). We will analyze and evaluate the data on the needs of education employees and compile a report. With the project promoter, we will organize activities and events to inform interested parties about the results of other studies. We will exchange experiences and good practices with our Norwegian partner; with other participants, we will take part in the study visit to Norway. Our staff will receive multiplier training via a reciprocal distance learning programme. The training will be carried out by the employees of SPISS, our Norwegian partner.

We will collaborate with other project partners on the development of a support and aid model on the subject of autism, aimed at employees in education. We will participate in the training of education staff and compile a handbook in collaboration with other project partners. We will also take part in the evaluation of completed training. Finally, we will help organize and realize a study visit of SPISS, our Norwegian partner, to Slovenia. Themed meetings and a lecture by our Norwegian partner will take place as part of the visit.

We will participate with other partners in media events, inform the public about the project activities via our website, and disseminate the results of the project.

Contact person: Irena Marinič


Telephone: +386 5 330 88 00 


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