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The goal of the project is to set up such an effective model of support for employees in education and training at the Employment Agency, and employers that, through institutional cooperation at all levels of education and employment, we will improve the conditions for learning and employability of people with autism. We will achieve the goal with a model in which we will develop new teaching and learning practices for the work and life of people with autism, by exchanging good practices between project partners. With the stakeholder support model, we will offer decision-makers a model for systemic changes and improve institutional cooperation at all levels of education. The goal follows the EU guidelines, which emphasize the importance of continuous learning and support in the entire vertical of education and training of people with autism. Through the activities, we will strengthen human capital and support the development of the competencies of employees in education and training for a better connection of education and training of people with autism with the real environment. To achieve the goal, within the framework of the project, we will proceed from the planned activities, with which we will:

  • Develop new teaching and learning practices for work and life, which will address employees in education and training in the entire educational vertical and employers. We want to create lasting changes by improving economic and social disparities. We will achieve them by addressing the entire system in education and employment.
  • We will exchange knowledge and good practices in the field of promoting skills and competencies in education with project partners. We want to implement this into our space as much as possible. Multipliers will first acquire knowledge, and then pass it on to stakeholders through mutual learning. After completing the basic training, they will further train professional workers in education, who will pass on this additional knowledge to their colleagues after completing the training. With the direct effects of the project, we want to influence improved institutional cooperation at all levels of formal and informal education in the learning and employment of people with autism. This will enable us to achieve a lasting improvement in the economic and social situation of people with autism.


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