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The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations for Autism of Slovenia was founded on the initiative of several non-governmental organizations and individuals on May 18, 2015. It is made up of ten non-governmental organizations (societies that connect parents of people with autism, institutes led by experts in the field of autism). The Association is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit, independent organization in the field of assistance and self-help for people with autism. The purpose of the Association is to bring together non-governmental organizations to help people with autism, to bring together people with autism, their parents and experts who work in this field, to raise public awareness, to monitor legislation and to actively participate in changing it. The main tasks of the Association are collecting information about autism, promoting the inclusion of people with autism, improving the conditions for their education, and raising the knowledge of employees in education and training about autism, as well as parents and employers, organizing training for parents and professionals, cooperation with other institutions at home and abroad.

The association has the status of a non-governmental organization in the public interest in the field of education. We are also members of the international organization Autism Europe and work on its board of directors.

Our role in project VIS A VIS

In the VIS A VIS project, we participate in the following activities:

Throughout the duration of the project, we will monitor and evaluate the quality of the implementation of project activities and their results. By coordinating the work of individual partners in the consortium, the project management will ensure that all project results and achievements will be completed on time, within the expected scope and with satisfying quality.

The Association is the carrier of this work package. We will conduct research on the prevalence of autism in Slovenia. For this purpose, we will create an application that will be used by healthcare workers, and they will enter data into the application. We will analyze the data and inform the public about the results at the events we will organize, and via the website, as well as the professional public at key ministries.

In association with other partners, we will cooperate in creating online questionnaires to obtain information on the needs of employees in education and training at national level for additional skills to successfully teach people with autism. We will raise awareness, inform, and disseminate the results obtained with the questionnaires. In cooperation with other partners, we will organize activities and events to inform about the results of this and another research carried out in the project. A professional article will also be created during the project. We will participate in the exchange of good practices and experiences with a partner from Norway: we will make a study visit to Norway with our other partners. We will train our employees for multipliers – the training will take place online.

We will participate with other project partners in the development of a model of support and assistance in the field of autism for employees in education. We will participate in the training of professionals and employers and develop a manual in cooperation with other project partners. We will also participate in the evaluation of the conducted training. We will participate in the organization and implementation of the study visit of our Norwegian partner SPISS in Slovenia, which will include thematic meetings and a lecture by the Norwegian partner.

We will participate in the creation of a questionnaire for employers and in conducting research on the needs of support and assistance in the field of autism for employers in Slovenia. We will participate in the analysis and evaluation of the results and, in association with other partners, raise awareness and disseminate the findings of the research and participate in the development of a model of support and assistance to employers and employed people with autism for their successful employment.

We will participate in the selection of a person with autism for employment and in the evaluation of this work package.

We are the carrier of this work package. We will participate with other partners in media events, inform about project activities via the project website and our website and take care of the dissemination of project results. We will also look for possibilities for the continuity of the implementation of the educational model even after the completion of the project.

Contact person: Sabina Korošec Zavšek

E – mail:

Telephone number: 00386 41 745 570


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